VINCENT DE BOER Collections of A's episode 5


artist: Vincent de Boer
title: Collections of A's episode 5
year: 2017
medium: ink on paper
size: ± 50 x 70 cm

Competitive, defiant, calm, bold, open, expressive, initiating, forward, playful. Vincent de Boer is a typographic artist and a teacher of letter making. One of creative triplets, early affirmation provided a solid confidence and a hunger for recognition. Without any doubt in his pieces, there is a legion of borders to cross. Any fresh visual that intrigues the eye, Vincent is interested to acquire. With many layers to a work, there is no such thing as one creative route: the starting point is simply never fixed. Vincent will happily collaborate and start new projects, as long as he is challenged and present throughout his brush strokes.
Going from drawing cartoons to mixing the worlds of calligraphy, graphic design and typography all together: what you see is a cooperation of image and letter. The viewer zooms in on a gigantic universe of movement and dives all the way in. As long as it crackles, as long as it’s real, Vincent’s work embodies his craftsmanship. A precise years and years of mastering his skill, shaken about with an expressionistic use of pencil and a strong will to challenge himself. His autonomous pieces always evocative, but aesthetically so.
With numerous exhibitions and a bunch of awards under his belt, exploring new techniques and discovering unfamiliar terrains are deemed highly significant. Keep learning, keep digging. Vincent doesn’t do dishonesty. What he craves is a fine balance between provoking and pleasing the viewer. Creating a different world, right in that moment, taking you in. Meet his perspective, here.
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