Having started as a graffiti artist in Germany, Willehad Eilers a.k.a. Wayne Horse (1981) moved to Amsterdam to study at the Royal Academy of Arts, soon becoming a multimedia artist. From paintings to installations, from drawings to video and performance, Eilers oeuvre contains a rich variety of subjects and means all displaying his characteristic humour and expressive style, commenting on the bizarre, flawed humanity.

Eilers’ stories tend to tell themselves, unfolding and transforming in front of a viewer. Surrealistic plots become real and manifest in elements that the viewer attributes to his own moral stands, personal conflicts and dilemmas.

The new “CCLASSY” series have been inspired by self-help video testaments “German Cash Coach” released in 2014 and 2015. The “CCLASSY” images of secretaries have been blind-drawn as a method of drawing where content prevails over the dictated form. In this show, as many rigorous self-help books would put it, you will find what you seek.

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